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We can help you put your church service LIVE on Roku, on Tunein, on Audionow and on your website.

Nou kapa ede w mete sèvis legliz andirek sou Roku, sou Tunein ak sou Audionow.

Nous pouvons vous aider à emettre votre culte en direct sur Roku, sur Tunein et sur Audionow.

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Tele Louange Fundraising for equipments-People who have made their donation:

Famille Tele Louange
We need at least 250 members with a minimum of $100.00 every year to support Tele Louange
Marcel Victor -Vitamine Spirituelle 500.00 USD
Eglise de Dieu de Lawrence-Bishop Jean Joseph 400.00 USD
Tibob 300.00 USD
Radio Echo Evangelique 300.00 USD
Dr. Ricardo Bonarchy 200.00 USD
Groupe des Dames Eglise Eben-Ezer Nazareen de Rhode Island 200.00 USD
Christian Life Center Church of God -Bishop Othon Noel 200.00 USD
Dr. Pierre B. Gnanzou 200.00 USD
Shalom Missionary Church 200.00 USD
Abner Joseph 200.00 USD
Bishop Sem Celestin 150.00 USD
Prince DJeco 150.00 USD
Roi David 150.00 USD
Keke Financial 100.00 USD
Jacqueline Augustin 100.00 USD
Fritzner FIloma 100.00 USD
Jacques Antoine 100.00 USD
Sr. Edna Clenord 100.00 USD
Eglise Apocalypse-Bishop Sem Celestin 100.00 USD
Pastor Joshua Lamontagne 100.00 USD
Marie Elda Francois 100.00 USD
Habeth Coma 100.00 USD
Total amount 4050.00 USD
Target to reach 25000.00 USD